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Nikahang Kowsar

Nikahang Kowsar is an award-winning journalist with a background in geology and sedimentology. He worked under the guidance of his father on groundwater recharge and floodwater spreading projects before attending college.


Nikahang, 53, is known by many Iranians for his cartoon mocking Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi in 2000 that triggered the protest of thousands of clergymen in the city of Qom, shouting for the cartoonist’s death.

But some also recognize him as the geologist who warned president Khatami in 2001 about the effects of bad water management and the depletion of aquifers without recharging them.

Residing in exile, Kowsar produces a weekly show about water scarcity and appears on mainstream TV channels with millions of viewers as a commentator and expert about his homeland’s ongoing water crisis and writes for major online publications. 



Roozbeh Eskandari

Roozbeh Eskandari, 44, is a hydraulic systems expert & construction inspector with a background in civil engineering. He worked on different projects in both Iran & Canada on dam construction, wastewater treatment plants, and infrastructure projects.

As an environmental expert, Roozbeh has appeared on News shows and TV panels of major networks such as BBC Persian, Iran International, and Manoto TV, raising awareness on such issues as Iran's hydraulic structures, water management, and corruption in Iran's water sector.

Living in Canada since 2014, Eskandari has been part of projects with Canadian organizations focusing on hydraulic structures & wastewater plants.  He is now BC Hydro's high consultant and lead civil inspector for Site C's Permanent Fish Ladder Project.


Niloufar Moezzi

Niloufar Moezzi, 47, is Abangan's assistant editor and is in charge of field research and data collecting. She started working as a textile engineer in Iran but later joined online media platforms. Niloufar was one of the managers of IranGreenPen. one of the first Persian environmental news agencies, from 2002 to 2005. She was also a director of IranBlueSky, a news agency specializing in air pollution.

Though she's mostly behind the scenes, Niloufar has produced a few short scientific reports for Iran International TV.

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